mission ministry

With a passionate for mission and serving our neighbors near and abroad, First Christian welcomes all to our mission ministries.  Check elsewhere on this site or the "Messenger" newsletter for current events and projects.  Below are efforts we have participated in recent months/years.

  • Pictures of this Mission - Click Here

    On Saturday, May 6th ... a crew from church remodeled the kitchen at the Good Samaritan House in Granite City, IL.  The team accomplished the following:  

    • New granite countertop installed

     • New faucets installed (extra stuff from the faucets were placed in the Staff Room)

     • New electric range installed (all the paperwork was placed in the Staff Room – range needs to be registered for the warranty)

     • Florescent bulbs replaced (and one light ballist (sp.?)) – extra bulbs are in the staff room

     • Painted the kitchen

     • Cleaned/organized the cabinets

     • Provided 2 new storage cabinets

     • Provided new microwave cart

     • Installed new shower heads in each bathroom along with 3 new bath mats (old shower heads are in the staff room)

    Many Thanks to Susie & Augie Campagna, Paul & Angela Meier, Kevin & Toni Paur and their children Joseph and Mallory, Harry McQuinn, Jeff Wrigley, Peter and Noony Gruben and their children Henry and Owen, Melanie Herndon, Laura Coracy, and Barb Small for all their hard work!!

  • On Sunday, February 12, 2017 following the second service, several gathered in the fellowship hall to assist with the assembly of hygiene kits for Church World Service. 

    Through the generosity of the congregation we assembled 117 kits!!! 

    What a blessing to know that through this small and simple project that will be helping many in need.   Church World Service gives hundreds of thousands of these out each year across the globe.  Here are more pictures of the fun we had assembling the kits.

  • March 2016: We remodeled a bedroom at the Good Samaritan Women's Shelter in Granite City, IL.  From floor to ceiling, we replaced it all.  After a couple of months of design and planning, our team gave one long weekend to replace flooring, ceiling, paint walls, replace the door & frame, bring in all new furniture and linens, and stage it for the next family to move in.  What a rewarding experience to enhance space that will house up to a mother and 4 children at a time.  To see more about this mission experience ... HERE

  • Mission Ministry Enters Parade Float

    Many thanks to Paul & Angela Meier and kids, Kevin & Toni Paur and kids, Susie & Augie Campagna, Harry McQuinn, Barb Small, Devan Multidor, Austin Wolfe, Kim Durr, Hannah Rolens, Candy Wrigley, Rev. Wrigley and Dr. Brooks for helping the church have its first Halloween Parade float in many years. Barb Small and her Mission Ministries did wonderful work. You can see more pictures here!

  • Social safety net

    Seeking to create a collaboration of social service providers, First Christian Church of Edwardsville hosted a gathering of 50 providers from their local area for lunch. The local ministerial alliance has been working closely with the township government to close the gaps in care for those in need. Today’s lunch focused on a common database that would help share resources, deepen understanding of a client’s situation, and secure the handling of a client’s information. In addition to these gatherings, the ministerial alliance and the local township government have been hosting “Lunch and Learns” that provide panel discussions related to topics such as substance abuse, domestic abuse, homelessness - each lead by front line social service agencies.

    These gatherings pull together representatives from churches, township & city & county government officials, law enforcement, public and private schools, non-profits, community colleges and universities in our area. As Dr. Brooks welcomed the gathering at today’s lunch, he named “the joy of fellowship that we know we are not alone in our service, the diversity of services gathered to meet the needs of our neighbor, and the passion of those gathered to transform our local community.”