Emergency Plan - Sunday school

Sunday School Teachers

Emergency Response: Threat of Violence

Before Sunday School, 
please pick up a pager and room key.
know location of emergency exits.
know emergency response procedure.

During Sunday School,
you are responsible for the students’ safety and we trust your judgement.

Procedure IF your pager activates and or you hear the air horn:

Step 1: Lock your classroom door.

Step 2: Students should be hidden from view.

Step 3: Check exterior windows for threat of violence.

Step 4a: (If no threat outside) students and teacher exit room through windows and gather off property at corner of Linden and Kansas streets (Alverita’s Cosmetology School parking lot, southeast corner of our property) - remain their until an “emergency response official” directs you elsewhere.

Step 4b: (if threat outside) students and teacher remain hidden from view in classroom until either an “emergency response official” asks you to exit the room.

Step 5: Call 911 as soon as possible, regardless of other teachers calling for assistance.