Creating an inclusive and loving faith community that

equips our youth for a life-long journey of faith. 

Scholarship Application

  • chi rho / CYF

    CHI RHO/ CYF is a middle and high school aged group that allows the youth to develop andgrow in their individual faith relationship through the help of God and their friends.  No matter what your background is or where you are spiritually, we invite you to come make new friends and have some fun as well.  During the school year, we meet every Sunday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. These meetings begin with a dinner and end with a prayer. While we may not meet regularly throughout the summer, we will to hold random events which are yet to be determined.  Click here for the current schedule. See our Youth Stewardship Skit!

  • jyf

    JYF is a fellowship group for children grades pre-k through 5th grade. During this time, the youth participate in team building activities, crafts, and Bible based lessons.  We also include time for a snack and prayer during each meeting.  Through these activities the youth learn to work together, serve the Lord, and grow spiritually.  Our JYF group meets once a month.

  • vacation bible school

    Vacation Bible School is the perfect place for children to build life lasting memories, friendships, and a religious foundation.  Each summer we look forward to experiencing a fun-filled week of learning with children who have completed kindergarten through 5th grade. 

    Click here to view pics from our 2020 VBS.

  • Serve

    Every year the youth have the opportunity to participate in a mission trip where they work together and serve others as God has instructed us to do. Experiences like these not only allow us to grow closer to one another but also open our hearts and minds to the different challenges many face in their day to day lives. While teenagers are so used to having every piece of information right at their fingertips through technology, hands on experiences such as these further give them the ability to open their hearts and truly see what is happening to God’s people around them. Eyes are opened, passions are ignited, and possibilities are exposed. We are all rewarded as we see their faith in God growing stronger and as we witness God’s work being

    done through them. Click here to view pictures from our recent service projects.

  • bigstuf camp

    Each Summer, our youth travel to Panama City Beach, Florida and attend Bigstuf camp.  BigStuf provides youth with a fun environment where they can get to know one another and learn about Jesus. BigStuf provides our youth group with a Christ-centered camp experience that deepens their relationship with Christ and connects them in a new and exciting way. Click here to learn more about Bigstuf.  Here are our  youth sharing about their camp experience in 2019