Lent 2021 Theme: “Stone Lent Soup"

In stories of scripture, stones show up more often than we may have noticed. They are built into altars. They are set as memorials. They are the medium into which the Ten Words are incised. They are weapons. They are cut by artisans and assembled into the Temple. And they are just part of the landscape—if about anything so solid we may say “just.”

We, too, have stones ... in our pockets, in our shoes, in foundations, by roadsides, in gardens on the edge of town. Some we hardly notice, or notice not at all, they seem so common. Some are burdens to carry. Some to us are

precious gems.

In this season of Lent—after a year in which we have been closed down, curtailed, constricted, a slab of a year that has sometimes weighed on us so heavily that it has seemed hard to breathe—we are going to spin out some stories about stones. We’ll be invited to ask about what seems stony in our lives: what do these stones mean? And what shall we do with them?

Worship Services and Devotional Booklet

We’ll develop our Lenten theme in our Sunday morning worship services at 9 am and 10:30 am. We’ll have a Maundy Thursday service at 7 pm on April 1.

  • February 21: Matthew 4:1-4, “Make These Stones Bread,” Doug Job preaching
  • February 28: Genesis 28:10-22, “Pillow Stones,” Doug Job preaching
  • March 7: Joshua 3:14-4:8, “River Stones,” Doug Job preaching
  • March 14: Mark 13:1-2 & 1 Peter 2:4-5, “Living Stones,” Doug Job preaching
  • March 21, Macy Shriver preaching
  • March 28, Palm Sunday: Luke 19:29-40, “The Stones Shall Shout,” Doug Job preaching
  • April 1, Maundy Thursday, service at 7 pm, Doug Job presiding

We’re providing a Lenten devotional booklet to church members. Copies may be picked up in the narthex, or call the church office to request a copy be mailed.